40th Anniversary Reunion

Thank you to everyone who sent greetings and attended our 40th celebration on October 28th!  It was heartwarming to be in a gathering of so many women and men who were instrumental in making Regina Transition House the organization it is today.

In 1976, Regina Transition House was founded by tenacious and determined women who believed that no one deserved to be abused and that it was possible to make our community a safer and kinder place.  Their efforts resulted in an organization for that has grown over the years, striving to provide the best possible service to women and their children fleeing all forms of violence.

The ongoing success of Regina Transition House is firmly grounded on a passion for positive change and by working within a feminist framework that values the diverse experiences brought to our organization by our employees and volunteers. 

We are proud to work alongside women to facilitate change.  Thank you for supporting our work in your community.