Since 1976 the Regina Transition House has been providing services and short term emergency housing to women and children fleeing violence. The shelter operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day providing safe housing, support counseling, information and education, advocacy and referral services for women and children, outreach and children’s programming, as well as providing basic needs and emergency transportation. 

Our mission

Regina Transition House serves the needs of women and children through the provision of safe temporary shelter and support services.  We provide education and offer voice to address family violence. 

What we've achieved

In recent years the Regina Transition House launched a major capital campaign to help more people.  The goal of the campaign was to raise funds to expand the shelter and complete key renovations.  Through the generosity of sponsors and the community, Regina Transition House achieved significant increases in:

  • short term residential services by 50 percent
  • licensed maximum people from 18 to 27; and
  • family rooms from six to eight, including accessible space for individuals with mobility limitations. 

That first night at the shelter, I finally felt safe. For the first time in thirteen years, I actually slept through the night. It was a new beginning. A turning point.”
— a woman who found the courage to ask for help