What does Regina Transition House do?  Regina Transition House provides safe temporary housing to women fleeing any form of violence.   Support services are provided to the women and children staying in the shelter.

Who can go to Regina Transition House?  Any woman who is living in an abusive relationship, experienced a violent incident or has been threatened with violence can stay in the shelter. People who identify as women and with the LGBTQ2S community are welcome.

Can my children come with me?  Dependent children most often accompany their mother or primary caregiver to the shelter.  The safety of your children is of primary importance.  There may be times when older children do not wish to accompany their mothers to the shelter.  Our staff will help you explore alternate options for your child or children. 

Can my pets come with me? While we are not able to have pets stay in the shelter at this time, we can help you find a safe place for your pets to stay while you are in shelter, through the Humane Society's Safe Spaces program.

 Does it cost money to stay there?  There is no cost for a woman to stay at the shelter.

Where is the shelter?  The shelter is in a central location.   We do not publicly disclose the address of Regina Transition House. 

What kinds of people stay there?  All kinds of women stay at Regina Transition House:  women with children, single women, women whose children have grown and left home, women from the city, young women aged 16/17, transgender women, women who identify as part of the LGTBQ2S community, women  from rural areas and from First Nations stay with us. 

How do I get there?  If you need to enter shelter and do not have a vehicle or a safe way to get to the shelter our staff will assist you in arranging transportation where we are able. 

What should I bring with me?  Bring your ID and important papers, health cards and medications for you and your children, clothing and personal items. 

What if the shelter is full?  If you are in immediate danger, our staff will provide you with alternative supports in the community.  If you are not in immediate danger, your name will be added to our waiting list.