For over 40 years, many women have found the courage to escape from violence.   

Andrea's Story

I remember sneaking into the basement with my Mother and brothers and sisters to hide.  He was in one of his usual rages and we were fearful of which one of us would take the brunt of his anger.  My Mom filed us out the basement window and we headed to the park to spend the day there until she felt it was “safe” to return.  That night would be the last night we spent in that house.  I was awakened by two police officers standing over me.  As I got up, we walked past the bathroom, there was glass and blood everywhere.  He had put my Mother’s face through the medicine cabinet.  We walked past the kitchen to see my Mother, bruised, battered and crying.  We were escorted to the police car and were heading to a place called “the Transition House”.

I don’t remember a whole lot about being there as I was pretty young, except for feeling safe.  A feeling most of us take for granted, a feeling that all children deserve.  It wasn’t too long after being there that we found our own place.  Life still had its challenges, mostly of a financial nature, but we were able to salvage the rest of our childhood and move forward.  As an adult now, I look back and can appreciate the significance Regina Transition House made in our lives.  The name says it all.  It enabled our family to make the “transition” to a life where there was no abuse, a life where you felt safe again.  Having a home daycare, I am proud to now be able to give that back, not only to my own children but others as well, the right to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

Thank you Transition House...a home with HEART.